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Find out how much your home could be worth

Find out with a quick online valuation, a detailed telephone call with our experts, or a house visit from one of our specialists...

Home Visit

1 Hour

Find out the value of your home by booking our home visit valuation service with one of our specialists, at a time that suits you. We recommend a home visit as this is usually the best type of valuation that you will receive, as it includes a detailed inspection by one of our specialists. This typically involves a thorough assessment of the property and its features, size, location, and condition. The result from a home visit will provide a more accurate and comprehensive valuation of the property’s current market value.

Phone Call

20 Minutes

Get a valuation of your home over the phone by chatting with one of our friendly specialists. Typically, phone valuations will consist of a series of questions about your property, regarding location, condition, size and any special features your property may have. Receiving a professional opinion on the value of your property will give you the information needed to price your property appropriately when entering the market, whether you’re planning on selling or letting your property.


60 Seconds

For an online valuation of your property, use our quick and easy-to-use valuation tool by simply entering your postcode. You will receive an instant valuation of an estimate of your home’s current market value, based on local market data regarding recent sales in your area, property size and location.